Adorian Fey (adrian_fabian) wrote,
Adorian Fey

DAY 16

Day 16 on the Isle of Fabulesia. Went down to the wreckage again today, looking for any supplies I might have missed. Nothing there, saw Kuli's body washed ashore, the smell was deafening. Have discovered a new edible fruit, it's white and pulpy with a rich ochre sap inside, it dribbles like blood and I was sacred of eating it at first, but have seen some of the native monkeys devour them so I followed their lead. The monkeys roam in packs. They're not at all like monkeys from Disney films. They're tetchy and vindictive. I wash the monkey scratch wound in the ocean every morning. Beyond hunger it's the lonliness that consumes and erodes. I try to talk to myself and the things around me as if we're all friends. More than that, it's this limbindous lust that sweeps across me, like the waves to the shore, like the sun to the horizon, like the moon through the heavens. I'm still constructing my hut, a gusty storm blew threw last week & toppled the previous one. There may be savages around the cliffs, there appear to be old fire tracks by the dunes. I can't tell if it's 1932 or 1933 as there is no time here but the changes in the day.

I no longer believe in God.
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